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There is Nothing Left to Lose

Wow! We didn't expect to have a second album out this quickly on the heels of the still popular Eat Crow. Our female vocalist, Gabrielle, wanted a more upbeat collection of songs this time around, and her vote carries a lot of weight. It's like her dad is the lead songwriter or something. Anyhoo … more upbeat an album this is. Gabrielle rocks a lead vocal solo on the opening track, Hank blasts his best harmonica solo yet on "Everything Will Be Fine," and Luke's vocals soar into the stratosphere on the coda to the title track. If you're a hard rocker, start with "Eye of the Needle." If you're a metal head, start with "Behind the Curtain." If you veer emotive, check out the title track. If you're looking for a good time, start with the album opener. Whatever you do, though, don't miss a single song.