Welcome! It's finally Time.

About the Band

What's in a name? Back in the 1980s, the singer/songwriter who was to become the lead vocalist and musician for Rebel Prophets developed a fascination for historical prophets who, despite their character flaws and personal shortcomings, felt compelled to speak difficult truths in less than ideal circumstances.

The band's first album, Eat Crow, was written as a love letter for the songwriter's wife in a time of crisis. The second album, Nothing Left to Lose, was an expression of joy and hope for the songwriter's children, despite the inevitability of pain and hardship. The third album, Time, spans decades of songwriting and is by turns the most autobiographical and personal of the albums to date, despite its darker themes.

If you find a song that means something to you, then the prophets have spoken.

The band resides in Ontario, Canada.

Recent Reviews

"This album has great variety and lots of passion expressed in the songs. It reminds me of musicians who are really poets at heart." ~ InchASailor

"I love so many of these songs! My favourite is 'After the End,' but I'm a sucker for clever use of language and writing references. What an awesome band!" ~ WriterNMomma

"Big fan …. 'Nevermore' in particular has a great groove to it, and the vocals on 'December' are outstanding. Can't recommend it enough." ~ Matt Holgate